Kim Fagan, Managing Director

Kim juggles the roles of leadership and management.A mother of two beautiful teenagers, Kim works hard to balance her work / family commitments whilst striving for excellence within the industry.

Leigh Graham, Operations Manager

Leigh is first and foremost a wonderful mother of 2, and grandmother to grandbabies Eli and Te Ariki. Leigh is our backend trojan keeping the fires burning and giving momentum to the business.

Carol Fagan, Finance Manager

Carol is the first generation of three girls that founded 3G Teak. She provides a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business as well as being a fabulous granny to nine grandchildren.

Sharon Kana, Customer Relationships Manager

We are truly blessed to have Sharon a part of our Team.  Sharon is a beautiful soul and brings a wonderful balance to our store as well as a wealth of hands on share.

Jane Telfer, Customer Relationships Manager

Jane is a proud grandmother of 2, reliving the simple joys to life. Jane's background is in primary school education and fills an important role in our Smarty Pants store - a store dedicated to educational play for kids.

Robin Fagan, The Ideas Man

Robin works hard to keep us free-spirited ladies in line, teasing and joking between our odd jobs. Robin is a fabulous ideas man and can turn his hand to any project.                                                                       

Tamara Fagan, Retail Assistant

Tamara is our up and coming star. She is the third generation of three girls that founded 3G Teak and was just 7 days old when the business started. Tamara provides frontline support and is learning the ropes to business in the 21st Century.

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