How to maintain your water feature...

Our water features are fully self contained meaning they do not require connection to a mains utility. Water is circulated and kept oxygenated however algae growth will occur without treatment.  To keep water clear and maintain a healthy pond there are three main forms of treatment required:

i.  Treatment of water borne algae growth (API Algaefix)

Algae is a simple plant, not always visible by the eye.  It appears as green water discolouration.  Sunlight promotes the growth of algae in water.  There are two treatments for algae,  API Algaefix is an eco-friendly option, safe for all household pets, wildlife and pond plants.  The alternative is granulated chlorine which can be added to the water reservoir and circulated.

Use 20ml per 450 litres.  Use monthly (can be used every 5 days if problem persists). 

ii.  Accumulation of dust and waste (API Sludge Destroyer)

Sludge is a build up of accumulated dust and waste.  It usually takes on an unattractive muddy shade of brown and settles on the bottom of the water reservoir.  The best treatment for sludge is API Sludge Destroyer.  This product helps to break down built up solids (again, safe with all household pets and wildlife). 

Use 50ml per 500 litres of water for the first application followed by 50ml per 1000 litres every 28 days.

iii.  Removal of blanket weed growth attached to reservoir (CloverLeaf Blanket Answer)

Blanket weed is a brown growth which may occur on the surface of the water feature over time.  It makes the water feature appear dirty and in need of a good scrub.   CloverLeaf Blanket Answer is a natural bacteria suitable for use in all ponds (including ponds with fish and plants).  It comes in powder form and is applied by sprinkling on top of the water feature (or premix the powder with water and pour directly into the water features. The water may turn a milky colour however will quickly clear. 

Use 1 x level scoop per 285 Litres

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