Water feature lighting... enjoy the sights and the sounds

A well designed outdoor lighting system can transform your outdoor living space at night.  Use of correct lighting techniques will enhance the beauty of your water feature and help to create a peaceful, yet magical atmosphere at night.

Our specialty LED lighting is all 12 volt, easy to install and does not require any technical knowledge.  12 volt lighting is much more efficient than 240v lighting.  It is cost effective to run, lasts much longer than standard lighting  and withstands knocks and vibration. An electrician is not required to install 12 volt lighting.  It is as simple as plugging in the transformer, rolling out the cable and connecting the lighting to the designated spots.  The system can also be easily expanded by adding splitters and connecting cables.  Talk to us about your needs.

Our latest range of LED lighting has an IP rating of 68.  The IP (International Protection) rating is a classification system showing the degree of protection from solid objects and liquids. IP68 connectors are regarded as the highest waterproof connectors. They are specifically designed for demanding environments, are dust tight and suitable for continuous immersion in water if desired.

Our most popular lighting products suitable for complimenting our outdoor water features can be viewed below:


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