Gifts for Dad this Father's Day

Just in time for Fathers Day - the very best of Footrot Flats...

For 40 years, Murray Ball's 'Footrot Flats' has ruled the New Zealand comic strip roost. In fact, "Dog" - the central character in the Footrot Flats cartoon strips - has been voted New Zealand's best-loved fictional character. Now, for the final time, the Ball family has put together 'The Best of Footrot Flats'. Taken from more than 5,000 strips produced since the mid-1970s, the book includes 450 hand-picked strips, including 32 colour illustrations - not seen since they were used as covers on the original series in the 1990's - to make up this 'best of' compilation.

This beautifully presented volume will incorporate the highest possible production values and will be the final Footrot Flats book ever produced. 'The Best of Footrot Flats' is a MUST-OWN for all fans of this iconic series.

Hardcover, 256 pages

Buy here http://www.3gteak.co.nz/shop/product/81949/The-Essential-Footrot-Flats/


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