The BIG Announcement...

3G Teak complex officially renamed to Shoppington

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some very exciting news...

This month 3G Teak, the award winning retailer based in Te Kuiti, celebrated its 15th year in business.  Originally, the name 3G Teak was selected to brand an ideology, it stood for three girls, three generations and three goals. As the years have progressed, both the business and goals have grown.  The  cluster of shopping outlets now includes outdoor garden centers, a showroom dedicated to NZ artists, a fabulously fun toy store, and more recently, a man cave resting spot where all are welcome.  The business has proudly embraced new technologies and business models which have brought a unique shopping experience to this rural setting. 

To better reflect the entirety of developments, the 3G complex will be officially renamed to Shoppington on 22 November 2018.

Shoppington is a destination, a way of life, a place to connect.  Built on strong core values, this story is not one of overnight success.  The business has experienced times of great success and extreme struggle.  The story is one of innovation, commitment and self discovery, providing hands on opportunities for all to learn and grow. 

Shoppington, is a credit to a team of some very special individuals made strong through passion, teamwork and heartfulness. It is a rural and regional success story that our customers have come to value as a very special place to shop.  The unique factors and ambience of the Shoppington experience brings customers from all over New Zealand and overseas.  And those who are unable to take advantage of the instore shopping experience connect with us via Facebook, Instagram and website sales.  We are very proud to call Te Kuiti head office and sincerely thank our local community who have shared this journey with us.  Without ongoing local support, retail success stories such as Shoppington would not be possible.

From small beginnings come great things...


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