NEW DESIGNS - Outdoor Water Features

If you've been waiting for our new shipment of water features to arrive... WAIT NO LONGER... ...THEY ARE HERE!!!
Creative landscape design can provide you with an attractive outdoor living space to relax and entertain and increases the resale appeal adding value your property.
If you're looking for a fast and easy way to add interest and ambience to your garden – these water features offer a simple and effective way to enhance your outdoor living area.
●Add value to properties by enhancing landscape appeal
●Relaxing and soothing sound
●Connect with nature
●Encourage birdlife to the garden
●Large range of sizes available to suit individual taste for appartment living or lifestyle gardener
●Natural air purifier
●Water flowing towards house represent good feng shui – prosperity and abundance

Over 60 to choose from... for more details see http://www.waterfeatures.nz


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